Stay on top of your finances with free* alerts via text message or email on eligible account transactions.

  • Balance Alerts
  • Low Balance Alerts
  • Deposit Alerts
  • Debit Card Alerts
  • Check Alerts
  • Loan Alerts
  • CD Alerts

How it Works:

  • Choose the alerts you want and the email address and/or mobile phone number where you want to receive them.
  • Add new alerts, change or delete existing alerts, or change your email or mobile phone number at any time.

To Set Up Alerts:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click the My Alerts tab
  3. Select an Alert Category
  4. Click Setup New Alert
  5. Select a Type and click Next
  6. Enter information and click Finish

*Message and Data Rates May Apply. Check with your mobile service carrier for details.


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